Nadin to Discuss Science of Anticipation

Dr. Mihai Nadin, Ashbel Smith Professor and director of antÉ, the Institute for Research in Anticipatory Systems at The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD), will appear on the Glenn Mitchell Show on Dallas public radio station KERA on Monday, Nov. 7, from noon to 12:30 p.m.  Nadin will discuss his work in a new and fascinating field of science he is helping to pioneer – anticipation.

Nadin will answer questions from host Mitchell and listeners in a live broadcast from KERA studios in Dallas.

Nadin is one of the founders and acknowledged leaders of a nascent, somewhat arcane discipline that seeks to bring anticipatory characteristics of living organisms to mechanisms, as well as to a broad array of pursuits.  Nadin began his own research into anticipatory systems in the late 1980’s.  Upon his arrival at UTD in 2004, he established antÉ to study the premise of embedding the characteristics of anticipation – vital to efficient human functioning – in software for computers and other devices.

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