Seductive Interactions – Workshop with Stephen Anderson

Stephen Anderson's Mental Notes

Noted speaker and design consultant Stephen Anderson will host an interactive workshop about how to enhance a website or web application using principles of psychology.

The workshop will make use of Mental Notes, a tool designed by Anderson which brings together 50 insights from psychology into an easy reference and brainstorming tool.

Each card describes one insight into human behavior and suggests ways to apply this to the design of web sites, web apps, and software applications.

The workshop will also include information from Anderson’s recently published book, Seductive Interaction Design: Creating Playful, Fun, and Effective User Experiences.

The workshop is open to all ATEC and EMAC students and will be held on Friday, April 13 from 1-2:30 p.m. in the ATEC Conference Room, ATEC 1.606.

About Stephen Anderson

Stephen AndersonStephen Anderson is a product strategy and design consultant who helps large companies create valuable customer experiences.

He is a keynote speaker at the 2012 Big Design Conference in Dallas, May 31-June 2.

Prior to becoming an independent consultant, Stephen spent more than a decade growing and leading teams of information architects, interaction designers and UI developers in the creation of all types of interactive experiences, bringing value to clients such as Nokia, Frito-Lay, Sabre Travel Network, and Chesapeake Energy as well as smaller technology startups.

Stephen is passionate about elegant design, remarkable customer experiences and managing maverick teams– topics he loves to write and speak about. In addition to consulting, he is in the process of doing research for a book that will teach businesses how to attract and manage rockstars, superheroes, and other misfits. As time permits, Stephen enjoys sharing his thoughts at