Upcoming Changes to ATEC Animation Curriculum

Creature creation by Desmond Blair

Fall 2012 will debut a new structure to the animation part of the Arts and Technology curriculum.

Several prerequisites will change, and the ability to explore the various areas within animation will be easier. However, change does not often occur without confusion and adjustment.

A new introductory course will be offered, ATEC 2326 Computer Animation Processes. This class is geared towards students who have not taken ATEC 2320 Introduction to Arts and Technology and are interested in animation.

Current students who have taken ATEC 2320 will need to have taken ATEC 2382 Computer Imaging to move into the following courses:

Although not stated in Coursebook, having ATEC 2382 Computer Imaging will ensure that students have the preparation needed for ATEC 3317, ATEC 3327, ATEC 3328, and ATEC 4337 without having to take an extra course.

Advanced courses in animation such as ATEC 4348 Modeling and Texturing II and ATEC 4351 Animation Studio I will require an application and portfolio submission in order to be considered for entry into the course.

These changes affect students who are on catalog years prior to 2012-2014. See your advisor for more information.

*Unfortunately, the system will not recognize this and your academic advisor will need to register you for ATEC 3317, ATEC 3327, ATEC 3328, or ATEC 4337.