Synthesizers, iPads, and Words: The Making of nebulotinklstab

Dean Terry

High pitched wails and moans came out of the Motion Capture Lab on April 5 as nebulotinklstab team Dean Terry and Patrick Murphy walked a large, attentive audience through the making of their recently released debut EP.

Terry and Murphy demonstrated the tools used to create their collaborative effort. Both revealed some of the internal production methods used for the music and the video, showing how they combined a multitude of sounds and musical rifts to create a pleasant yet challenging musical endeavor.

Director of Emerging Media and Communications, Dean Terry demonstrated his analog modular synthesizer and Moog guitar, while Patrick Murphy discussed his favorite iPhone and iPad apps to create and modify sounds: Beatwave, Beatmaker 2, SoundPrism, Mod-Axis, and Animoog.

Copies of the EP are still available for free on their Bandcamp site. For updates and more information, visit their Facebook page or Twitter.

Images by EMAC Senior and Radio UTD Station ManagerĀ Laura Carroll.