New Graduate Courses for 2012-2014 Catalog

New graduate courses in Arts and Technology and Emerging Media and Communication will be introduced in the 2012-2014 catalog. Some of these courses will be offered beginning fall 2012.

See your academic advisor for more detailed information on how these changes relate to your degree plan.

New Courses

  • ATEC 6344 History and Culture of Games
  • ATEC 6346 Game Pipeline Methodologies
  • ATEC 6347 Serious Games
  • ATEC 6348 Educational Games
  • ATEC 6356 Interactive Narrative
  • ATEC 6365 Interaction, Communication, and Exchanges in Virtual Societies
  • ATEC 6381 Special Topics in Emergent Communication
  • ATEC 6389 Topics in Arts and Technology
  • ATEC 6391 Computer Processing for Arts and Technology
  • ATEC 6v90 Internship in Arts and Technology
  • ATEC 7330 Advanced Topics in Complex Digital Interactive Systems
  • ATEC 7335 Advanced Topics in Digital Mutisensory Representations and Simulations
  • ATEC 7340 Advanced Studies in Arts and Technology
  • ATEC 7620 Advanced Projects in Simulation and Game Design
  • EMAC 6342 Digital Culture
  • EMAC 6365 Journalism and the Digital Network
  • EMAC 6375 Research Methodologies in Emerging Media and Communication

Title Changes

  • ATEC 6354 Virtual Environments (was Immersive Environments)
  • ATEC 6375 Topics in Emerging and Cognitive Design (was Cyberpsychology)
  • ATEC 7390 Advanced Special Topics in Arts and Technology (was Special Topics in Arts and Technology)
  • EMAC (ATEC) 6361 Creating Interactive Media (was Writing for Interactive Media)