ATEC Professor to Serve on Jury for International Mobile Gaming Awards

The UT Dallas, Arts and Technology (ATEC) program has entered into a partnership with the International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA).

International Mobile Gaming AwardsThe ATEC partnership with IMGA seeks to showcase the use of “serious games” on mobile platforms. An international jury will be meeting in Marseille, France to select the winners from among over 1,000 entries. ATEC faculty member Dr. Monica Evans will be serving on the international jury as part of the partnership. ATEC student Peter Wonica has been working with the IMGA team in Marseille carrying out an international survey of serious games on mobile platforms.

Dr. Monica Evans
Dr. Monica Evans

ATEC researchers are developing serious games on mobile platforms for a number of applications. Current research contracts involve the creation of “serious games” for the U.S. Army troops, for teachers and for nurses and medical personnel. These games bring the spirit of gaming to serious matters. ATEC is working to design irresistible games that encourage repeated play and measurable learning.

The competition is now the mobile entertainment industry’s leading showcase for groundbreaking innovations, displaying exceptional quality and new trends in mobile entertainment. Games for tablets, handheld consoles, netbooks and pocket PC’s are not eligible if they are not available for mobile phones.

ATEC to Industry: Network with Industry Professionals and Alums

ATEC to Industry will feature a panel discussion and networking with industry professionals and ATEC alumni. Pizza will be provided. The event is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 28 from 6-7:30 pm in Residence Hall North, 2nd floor Multipurpose Room.

Panel Discuss

  • Samantha Bratton, 2D/3D Artist at Game Circus
  • Steven Strobel, Technical Artist at Gearbox
  • Chris Oliver, 3D Animator at Realpage
  • Ricardo Orellana, 3D Generalist at Janimation
  • Jenni LederArt Director/User Interface Designer at Bottle Rocket Apps
  • Robert Reynolds, 3D Generalist at Element X Creative
  • Desmond Blair, Project Manager at ATEC’s Institute for Interactive Arts and Engineering
  • Liz Paradis, 3D Character Modeler at Reel FX
  • Ken Kanipe, Rigging Artist at Reel FX

Networking Sessions

Includes the above individuals and

  • Tony Wu, Game Designer at Zynga Dallas
  • Sara Sharp, 3D Artist at Tribaloid Inc.
  • Tim Lewis, Art Lead/Level Designer at ATEC’s Institute for Interactive Arts and Engineering and Trench Games
  • Michael Howell, Technical Artist at ATEC’s Institute for Interactive Arts and Engineering
  • Michael Kaiser, Lead Programmer at ATEC’s Institute for Interactive Arts and Engineering
  • Michael Duffy, Programmer at Game Circus
  • Jamie Saxon, Lead Producer at Game Circus
  • Lorin Wood, Senior Conceptual Designer at Gearbox
  • Margriet Spriensma, General Manager at Triangle Studios
  • Wes Parker, Character Artist at Gearbox

ATEC/EMAC Showcase

The time has come once again for students in the EMAC and ATEC program to have the opportunity to present projects they have been working on to their peers and professors at the ATEC/EMAC Showcase.

The showcase will be held in the Clark Conference Center on April 11, 2013 at 6:00 pm

Submissions are due by March 11, 2013. Fill out this submission form which is required for entry and then submit your work to \ATEC01Showcase in ZIP format.

Suggested categories for submission are:

  • Modeling/texturing
  • Rigging
  • 3D computer animation
  • Motion capture
  • Interaction narrative
  • Interaction design
  • Lighting/compositing
  • Virtual environments
  • Games
  • Sound design
  • Web publishing/blog
  • Applications
  • Research
  • Experimental
  • Photography
  • Digital imaging/video
  • Other

ATEC Faculty Member to Perform at 2nd Annual Network Music Festival

The Hub to perform at NMF 2013

ATEC faculty member Scot Gresham-Lancaster has been invited to headline the 2nd Annual Network Music Festival in Birmingham, UK on Feb. 22nd as a member of the computer music network ensemble The Hub. From the festival’s press release:

The Hub considered by many to be the inventors of network music – making a rare visit to the UK. This legendary band first started wiring computers together for live performance in the 1980s and remain a seminal influence for computer music bands today.

Computer network music, as practiced by The Hub over the last two decades, is characterized by the sharing of digital information via a network, which is used to algorithmically influence the music played by each player in the group. This form of interaction provides the opportunity for composer/performers using computers to use the unique attributes of this instantaneous sharing to create new ensemble relations. The musical behavior that results when each performer individually creates their own realization of a data-sharing specification in a variety of computer music languages affords a rich and unpredictable environment. Emergent behaviors and inexplicable synchronicities abound, and are used to enhance a collaborative, and improvisational performance practice.

Their festival performance will include recent group configurations featuring spectral analysis of acoustic objects, room resonance as a data source, as well as hyper-improvisational mapping of shared values among other schemes.

Network Music Festival

Call for Papers: Arts, Humanities and Complex Networks

ATEC Professors Max Schich and Roger Malina are pleased to announce a call for papers for the Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks at Netsci2013. This symposium will take place in Copenhagen at DTU, Technical University of Denmark on Tuesday, June 4, 2013.


For submission instructions please visit
Deadline for submission is March 31, 2013.
Notifications of acceptance will be sent out by April 8, 2013.


This symposium will bring together pioneering work in the overlap of arts, humanities, network research, data science, and information design. The 2013 symposium will leverage interaction between those areas by means of keynotes, a number of contributions, and a high-profile panel discussion.

In our call, we are looking for a diversity of research contributions revolving around networks in culture, networks in art, networks in the humanities, art about networks, and research in network visualization. Focusing on these five pillars that have crystallized out of our previous meetings, the 2013 symposium strives to make further impact in the arts, humanities, and natural sciences.

Running parallel to the NetSci2013 conference, the symposium provides a unique opportunity to mingle with leading researchers in complex network science, potentially sparking fruitful collaborations.

As in previous years, selected papers will be published in print, both in a Special Section of Leonardo Journal MIT-Press and in a dedicated Leonardo eBook MIT-Press.

Further information and abstracts available at