MIT Press Journals Director to Discuss The Evolution of Scholarly Publishing

Nick Lindsay, Journals Director for The MIT Press will speak on “The Evolution of Scholarly Publishing” as part of the Art Rendevous Science (ARS) Research Colloquia series on Wed., April 17 at noon in the ATEC Conference Room, ATEC 1.606.


“Publishing is about to go through 25 years of evolution in a five year span.” Said in 2008. This is a fairly accurate description of what’s happened in scholarly journals publishing over the last five years. This talk will cover what’s worked, what hasn’t, and try to make some predictions about what may come. What are publishers concerned about and how are changes in publishing technology altering how scholars do their work are among the topics to be discussed.

About Nick Lindsay

Nick Lindsay has been working in the scholarly communication trenches for almost a decade. First at the University of California Press and now at The MIT Press where he oversees the Press’ journals department. MIT publishes journals that range across the arts and humanities to the social sciences and hard sciences. He is a past chair of the Scholarly Journals Committee of the Association of American University Press.

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