Fall 2013 GameLab Projects Selected

Following the live pitch sessions on March 22, five projects were selected to go into production in the Fall 2013 session of GameLab. Prospective production team members who are accepted into GameLab will be assigned to one of these five projects according to need.

Body Shop

From creative director Kelly Weeren: “Body Shop is a 3D space-opera RPG in which the player starts out as a disembodied head. As the player explores the world, they are able attach or remove additional body parts at will, allowing the player to become a head with a leg, a head with multiple arms, an average human, or something more unique.”

Castor and Pollux

From creative director Steven Zapata: “Castor and Pollux is a side-scrolling, physics-based, two player puzzle-platformer/action-platformer wherein both players are given a unique character, each with a different skill-set and play style and are asked to work together to achieve a common goal.”

Control Room

From creative director Joshua Miller: “Control Room is a 2D real time, top down stealthy strategy game with puzzle elements. The player is a double agent control room operator in an advanced military facility. He or she must guide a group of AI controlled infiltrators through the facility in order to blow it up while avoiding suspicion.”

The Fast and the Fjorious

From creative director Caroline Curley: “The Fast and the Fjorious is a 3D, two versus two racing game featuring sprinting cartoon Vikings on a mad dash to obtain Thor’s glorious hammer, which has fallen from the sky… a good distance from the player’s home village, with dense, harsh forest in the way… You and a friend have to navigate through the forest and reach the hammer before the two members of your rival village.”

Zarathustra: Sea Station to the Impossible

From creative director Harry Lesser: “Zarathustra is an isometric 2D turn based strategy game with roguelike elements. …The player controls a squad of soldiers sent down to the undersea research station “Zarathustra” in an attempt to quell a Lovecraftian crisis. Players will guide their squad… through rooms generated in a procedural, roguelike fashion… and ultimately sacrifice the squad to empower one soldier with the ability to defeat the unknown terror.”