Texas Instruments Helps Power ATEC Creative Automata Lab

beagleboard The ATEC-based Creative Automata Laboratory (Directed by Dr. Fishwick, Distinguished Endowed Chair of Arts and Technology and Professor of Computer Science) recently received a donation of equipment from Texas Instruments. This gift is thanks to University Relations at TI, in connection with collaboration of the Lab with Dr. Eakta Jain who is currently at Texas Instruments and will soon join the faculty at the University of Florida. The equipment includes computing hardware (BeagleBones and Launchpads) used to create hands-on physical models of dynamic systems, such as predator vs. prey. These models are used for STEM education in learning how to model dynamic systems of competing species.


creative automotat

The Creative Automata Lab exists to explore how abstract foundation computing artifacts are represented. Representations include functions, equations, dynamic models, and formal automata as well as the control and data involved in them.

View prototypes of the model of predator-prey competition and other projects of the Creative Automata Lab as they are developed on the lab website.

The TI University Program offers educators discounted tools, free products, and lab donations so students can learn TI technology in teaching labs that are smarter and more fun.