New 3D Film Celebrates Tricks and Treats

With Halloween still months away,  Arts and Technology faculty member Todd Fechter’s new animated film honors both the trick and the treat of the annual celebration.

Rigg R Reet is a 3D animated film about a little, candy-obsessed girl who stumbles onto a trick-or-treat jackpot. The film combines a unique, hand-sketched look with a streamlined production workflow. The final look of the film is meant to closely resemble the original 2D concept sketches.

Rigg R Reet recently played in the Cleveland International Film Festival and will show at the Athens International Film Festival.

“Beyond just telling a story, this short focused on new production methods which allow for highly stylized visual looks in extremely reduced economic ways,” said Fechter. “The goal was to enable small teams and individuals to create 3D animations containing recognizable, signature elements of their own artistic styles to break away from the current standard 3D look.”

The film was produced and directed by Todd Fechter with contributions in the areas of rigging and animation from fellow ATEC faculty members Eric Farrar and Sean McComber.

Follow the production online.