Fashioning Circuits Introduced to Prospective Students at Richland’s Digital Arts Festival

KimFashioning Circuits (EMAC 3328), an EMAC course taught by Assistant Professor Kim Knight, is gaining attention due to its unique subject matter. On Monday, April 21 Knight gave a lecture to potential UT Dallas students at Richland Community College about the course and its approach to exploring digital divides and identity.

Kim discussed these issues and showcased student work as part of Richland’s 2014 Digital Arts Festival, an annual event planned by the Multimedia Learning Center. Students from the school’s Arts and Technology programs were in attendance. The talk was followed by an FC2informal discussion session with students from Richland Collegiate High School.

Fashioning Circuits is an open platform for the students and professor to explore digital literacy through discussion and coding of wearable technology they create together in this diverse learning environment. By pairing technology and fabric she and her students collaboratively engage with the similarities of identity explored by participants of fashion and various digital media.

Fashioning Circuits has various events coming up this summer. Stay tuned for more information at, or follow @fashioncircuits on Twitter.

What Kim is teaching in the fall:

EMAC 3328 – Fashioning Circuits

EMAC 6372 – Approaches to Emerging Media and Communication