ATEC Prof to Speak at Google’s Paris Office

Data Dramatisation: A Data Remix Rehearsal


In this ‘lecture-performance’, UT Dallas Arts and Technology professor Roger Malina and  artist Andrew Blanton will present work in progress though sound performances and presentation of works created in the lab. This will include data remixing of scientific data from collaborators in the brain sciences (connectome data), in astronomy (deep field survey from antactica) and geosciences.

The ArtSciLab at The University of Texas at Dallas was founded in late 2013. The lab is developing a number of projects and strategies around multimodal data representation and experimental publishing.

Roger Malina
ATEC Professor Roger F. Malina is a space scientist and astronomer, with a specialty in extreme and ultraviolet astronomy, space instrumentation and optics. He served as director of the Observatoire Astronomique de Marseille Provence and was NASA Principal Investigator for the Extreme Ultraviolet Satellite project at the University of California, Berkeley.

Andrew Blanton
Andrew Blanton is a composer and media artist. He received his BM in Music Performance from The University of Denver (2008) and a Masters of Fine Arts in New Media Art at the University of North Texas (2013). His current work focuses on the emergent potential between cross-disciplinary arts and technology, building sound environments through software development, and writing music for those environments.