ATEC Creative Automata Lab Advances Personalized Learning


The UT Dallas ATEC Creative Automata Lab, under the direction of Dr. Paul Fishwick, has submitted a video entry to the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Grand Challenges for Engineering Video Contest. The video shows the innovative work of the lab to create personalized learning experiences by representing complex systems through multiple models. Sharon Hewitt from the Creative Automata Lab designed and produced this video. Sharon is currently pursuing her MFA in ATEC, exploring interactive documentary and semiotic phenomenology of temporal media. She received her Bachelors in ATEC exploring educational technologies. The video segments include representations of a virtual analog computer based on the sand-like flow in PowderToy, as well as several personalized models of the Lotka Volterra model.

Creative Automata Lab at UT Dallas seeks to make abstract concepts in mathematics and computer science concrete through the use of models. The mission contains two component activities: (1) Seeing Information Everywhere (that mathematics and computing are ubiquitous within the natural and artificial world around us), and (2) Making Immersive and Physical Models guided by the aesthetics of the information carrier (e.g., the observed phenomena in component 1).

Visit the Creative Automata Lab website.