PhD Student Receives Publishing Fellowship

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Charles Lilly, a PhD student in the School of Arts, Technology and Emerging Communication, has received a Society for Scholarly Publishing Fellowship.

The Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) is a nonprofit organization formed to bring together the scholarly publication community and to facilitate new developments in the field. SSP members represent all aspects of scholarly publishing — including publishers, printers, librarians and editors.

Lilly, who is researching experimental publishing platforms, credits the fellowship to his advisor Dr. Roger F. Malina, who holds the Arts and Technology Distinguished Chair.

“Dr. Malina is a pioneer in the publishing field. Through his many years leading the reputable journal Leonardo, published by MIT Press, he has always looked for ways of reinventing scholarly communication,” Lilly said. “He has challenged me to identify emergent trends and new problems in how the academic community shares and communicates about research.”

Lilly is a member of Malina’s ArtSciLab, where students produce a podcast called Creative Disturbance, which features discussions on art, science and technology.

“Creative Disturbance is an example of how scholarly communication is leaving the printed page, the static form. Research findings, scientific breakthroughs, artistic invention might be better expressed in multimedia, images, sound, gaming or interactivity. As technology advances, it’s important that the academic publishing community isn’t trailing behind in using new tools,” he added.

The ArtSciLab is also in the process of building a new publishing platform called ARTECA with MIT Press and Leonardo. Lilly said the digital aggregator will bring a number of resources – over 200 books and 300 journal issues – into one place for students and researchers who are interested in the intersection of arts, humanities, science and technology.

“ARTECA creates a digital environment for a community of practice. It will feature not only resources, but tackles some contemporary problems in academic publishing like open access or the best way to feature multimedia-based scholarship, for example,” he said.

Lilly, who is former editor-in-chief of UT Dallas’ literary journal Reunion: The Dallas Review, earned his bachelor’s and master’s degree in literature from UT Dallas.

As part of his fellowship, Lilly will attend the SSP Annual Meeting in Vancouver, Canada, this summer where he will be assigned an industry mentor and connect with other fellowship recipients.