Buzzworthy Changes in Fall EMAC Course Options

network-782707_960_720If you’ve already looked at the summer and fall schedules in Coursebook, you probably noticed that we have quite a few changes. We have many new courses in the 2016 catalog. Starting this fall, we have Networked Identities (EMAC 4350), Emerging Media and Identity (EMAC 6350), and Social Science Perspectives of Emerging Media and Communication (EMAC 6375).

We also have some courses that look new but aren’t: EMAC 2321, EMAC 2322, EMAC 3326, and EMAC 4326 have new prefixes. They automatically replace the old ATEC prefixes, so don’t panic if you don’t see the ATEC prefixed courses that appear on your degree plan. Also, some COMM-prefixed courses now have EMAC prefixes, such as EMAC 3300 and EMAC 4314.

Undergraduate students on existing degree plans may substitute the following courses for prescribed electives: Storytelling for New Media I (ATEC 3346) , Design II (ATEC 3384), Strategic Design (ATEC 4357), Interaction Design II (ATEC 4363), Time-Based Art (ARTS 3376),  Photography: New Media (ARTS 3379), Child Development (PSY 3310), Psychology of Gender (PSY 3324),  Social and Personality Development (PSY 3332), and Psychology of Prejudice (PSY 4324).

The fall schedule also includes quite a few special topics courses. The following course descriptions may help you chose which sections best fit your interests:

  • EMAC 4372 Privacy in the Age of the Internet (Banner and Cardenas): Internet of Things (IoT) devices are collecting data about our personal lives – where we travel; what we buy; how much we move; what our bodies consume – at unprecedented volume. This class considers these developments in relation to inequality; gender, race, class, and disability; constructions of normative health; information ownership; and state, corporate, and workplace surveillance. We will also explore the technical dimensions of the IoT and the challenges it poses for existing law and policy. Coursework will include weekly readings and responses, and in-class exercises will include examining IoT objects, for example fitness trackers and other wearables; smart home devices; baby monitors; the Bellabeat; the iWatch; and others. Cross-listed with Computer Science, the course culminates in a collaborative project between EMAC and CS majors. Pre-reqs: EMAC 2321 and EMAC 2322 or permission of instructor.

  • EMAC 4372 Social Media Campaigns (Johnson): Social Media Campaigns will explore the influence social media has during the 2016 presidential election. The class will explore past and present presidential campaigns, comparing and contrasting how media influence public opinion.

  • EMAC 4372 Communication, Media, Information, and Technology (Lee): This course will challenge the way you think about your relationship with those around you and the world. Specifically, you will come away from the course with knowledge of how communication, mass media, and emerging media shape your perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors.

  • EMAC 4372 Ethics in Emerging Media (Lester): Emerging media require critical thinking and ethical behavior among professionals responsible for messages in all areas of mass communications. After an introduction to the history and practice of ethical behavior, this course will consider ethical examples and analyses of visual messages found in such fields as news, documentary, design and editing, informational graphics, cartoons, advertising and public relations, movies, television, computers, augmented reality, gaming, social media, global perspectives, and activism.

Finally, undergraduate students planning to graduate in Fall 2016 need to submit their capstone proposals for registration in EMAC 4380 by March 30. Graduate students planning to graduate in Fall 2016 need to submit their capstone proposals for registration in EMAC 6390 by April 15.